Leather HATS




Our Leather Manufacturing Factory

At the heart of our operations is our state-of-the-art leather manufacturing factory, where we meticulously craft each product with precision and care. Our factory is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by skilled artisans who bring years of experience and passion to their work.

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LESA Collection from its very start, when it originated in the early 1940’s never compromised with the quality of its product range. This has helped us create a unique identity in a market where there is a large pool of other suppliers, yet our identity has sustained a strong reputation for the immense appreciation that has been received from our customers world-wide.

Here at Lesa Collection, one of the things we always talk about is taking pride in the quality of our products. The reason why we are so proud of our merchandise is because of the hard work and dedication it took for us to get to where we are now. We are a team of designers, craftsmen and dreamers, we work together to come up with new designs to appeal to our customers and ensure we are delivering the highest standard of service worldwide. Lesa Collection started off as a small business of leather shoes in Kashmir and we slowly expanded our range. Without a passion for leather and outstanding quality this would never have been possible.

With our products being handmade and being manufactured by our team, it has earned us a very distinct reputation in the leather industry. We are mostly known for our leather waistcoats and hats, we also supply leather caps, gloves and accessories.

We are also well-known for our reasonable prices and our ability to understand our customers. We work hard in building positive relationships with our customers and would like to ensure they walk away with positive experiences.

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